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Wazobia TV
Wazobia TV - 06:00 AM
In consequence of the fact that the channel has not provided an accurate schedule, MultiChoice is unable to provide EPG information for this channel.

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TVC Entertainment
TVC Entertainment - 06:00 AM
TVC Entertainment is a highly-rated 24 hours entertainment channel, design to set the standard in general entertainment in Nigeria, by providing quality programmes that will meet the audience need.

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Trybe TV
Untangle - 07:20 AM
A sought after bachelor is screened for a role in an up coming movie with a domineering female director. Things take an unexpected turn when the lead actress is an enemy from the past.

Next: On My Honour - 08:50 AM

e.TV Africa
The Steve Harvey Show - 08:30 AM
'S1/E19 - The Roof Is on Fire'. Steve tries to liven up Regina's Spring Fling party. Cedric falls in love with a married woman.

Next: India: A Love Story - 09:00 AM

Nta I - 06:00 AM
National Television Network offers a wide range of programming including news, talk shows, sports, music, entertainment and lifestyle. NTA is Nigeria's number 1 TV station and Public Broadcaster.

Next: Nta I - 12:00 PM

Today On Stv - 08:00 AM
Entertainment, current affairs and interviews with eminent personalities.

Next: Todays Business - 10:30 AM

Kakaaki - 07:00 AM
We discuss Africa and Africans and reflect on world issues as they relate and impact the continent.

Next: Dateline Abuja - 10:00 AM

Sunrise Daily - 08:00 AM
Hard-hitting flagship news and current affairs. We ask the crucial questions and get behind the stories that make the news from political leaders.

Next: Sports This Morning - 10:00 AM

Mi TV - 06:00 AM
Only available in Nigeria.

Next: Mi TV - 12:00 PM

Music - 08:30 AM
Sit back and enjoy some of your favourite and latest hit songs.

Next: Plus 234 - 09:00 AM

Yoruba Movies - 08:00 AM
Traditional family entertainment.

Next: Cruel Intention - 09:30 AM

Kookoorookoo - 08:00 AM
Breakfast talk served up by Veronica, Slimeytee, Omonla, Olododo and Eric. Featuring skits, newspaper review and interaction segment with the viewers.

Next: This Life Classic - 10:30 AM

Now You Know - 08:30 AM
'S1/E17 - How Does A Plant Grow?'. Fairytale Baboo plants magic seeds that grow into a huge beanstalk that carries him up to the giant, Howie. In reality, they wonder, how do plants grow? And visit a botanist to find out.

Next: Now You Know - 08:37 AM

Afro Music Pop
Mega Music - 08:00 AM
The main themes of African music will be on Mega Music. The releases and the themes that have run on the dance floor are in Mega Music.

Next: Hits Sound - 09:00 AM

The Potter's House With TD Jakes - 08:30 AM
The aim of the ministry is to reach broken people and lead them to the healing hands of God. TD Jakes' teachings are cutting-edge, relevant and applicable to all people.

Next: Enjoying Everyday Life With Joyce... - 09:00 AM

Islam Channel
Stories Of The Prophet - 08:30 AM
'Amazing Stories' portraying stories from The Holy Quran of Allah's Prophet's and the companions of the Beloved Nabi(SAW).

Next: Islam Channel Kids - 09:00 AM

DW - 08:30 AM
News from around the world with Deutsche Welle.

Next: Open Heavens - 09:00 AM

Emmanuel TV
The Secret Of Faith Part 2 - 07:00 AM
We know that faith should be put into practice in difficult and perilous times. However, even during ordinary times, you need faith too. This is the secret of faith in every aspect of your life.

Next: Another Ministry: USA - 09:00 AM

Al Jazeera
Prison Lives: Inside And Out - 08:00 AM
'S1 - When The Boys Return'. In Hebron, a small group of Palestinian youths meet weekly as they try to come to terms with their experience of imprisonment in Israeli jails.

Next: News Live - 09:00 AM

TVC News Nigeria
TVC Breakfast - 08:00 AM
We cover politics, business, entertainment and sports.

Next: Your View - 10:00 AM

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